University of Alberta ITE Student Chapter Receives Delta Award

The University of Alberta Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITEUA) Student Chapter recently received the 2016 Student Chapter Delta Award from the Canadian Institute of Transportation Engineers (CITE).

Delta Award

Photo: ITEUA Student Chapter members display the Delta Award.

Referencing CITE's website, the Delta Award recognizes student chapters for achieving activities in alignment with the Charter and attaining overall improvement compared to past years in terms of their activities.

Over the past year, our student chapter has organized and participated in a variety of activities, including the following:

  • ITE Kickoff Event
  • 2015 CITE District Collegiate Traffic Bowl Competition
  • ITEUA Transportation Seminar Series
  • Student-Industry Mixer
  • Volunteer Involvement in Centre for Smart Transportation
  • Mentorship Program

Congratulations to our students on this achievement! We look forward to another successful year.