Smart Travel App Receives Award

The Smart Travel app, jointly developed by the City of Edmonton and the University of Alberta, recently received an award on May 3rd at the ITS Canada Annual Conference and Exhibition, in the award category of New Canadian Commercial/Industry/Academic Technology Innovation/R&D.

Recognizing that most drivers now carry a smartphone, the City of Edmonton Office of Traffic Safety  and the Centre for Smart Transportation worked together to create Smart Travel, a traffic safety mobile application (app), using smartphone technology. The Smart Travel app provides drivers with a variety of voice alerts designed to increase awareness and safety. For instance, when approaching a school zone, users will hear the voice of a little girl advising the driver to slow down. Other message types use adult male and female voices to advise drivers of changes in speed limit and high-risk collision locations. This voice variation assists with engaging and maintaining the attention of the driver.

The Smart Travel app is able to run in the background, and complies with distracted driving legislation. When not driving, users can browse the app and review maps of high-collision locations, school zones and speed limits, as well as review traffic safety related information sent through Smart Travel's push notifications system. Push information includes real-time traffic disruptions and reminders of seasonal events (such as school season start, adverse weather, etc.).

The app is scheduled to be available for free download by the public at the end of May.

The app was also recently showcased at the International Conference on Urban Traffic Safety and mentioned in the news:

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